Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lanka Pilachcha - White-Throated Flowerpecker (Dicaeum vincens)


About the size of the Purple-rumed Sunbird, which it somewhat resembles at a distance; the male is at once distinguished, however, by its pure-white throat and dark bluish-grey back, while both sexes have the beak short and stout-very different from the Sunbird's. 


It lives either solitary, in pairs, or in little family parties, and is not easy to meet with because it keeps mainly to the tops of tall trees, either in forests or on its outskirts. However, it is very fond of the nectar of the red cotton tree and when these trees are in flower-about Christmas time in its range-it may be found fairly easily. 

The breeding season is from January to August. The nest is often built in a Hora tree. It is a hanging pocket of felted plant down, with the entrance at the top, just below the supporting twig. The two eggs are dull white, irregularly spotted with purplish red. They measure about   16×12 mm.


This scarce little bird is found only in the rain forests of the south-western parts ofthe wet zone, including the neighbouring hills up to 3,000 feet. 


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  1. Hello I found an abandoned baby of this species and I would like to raise so it can go back to the wildlife can you advise of its diet at this stage it hasn't got its tail feathers and still a bit of fluffy feathers thanks Annette